Monday, August 15, 2011

My first visit to Puteri Harbour

 <-------- Sales presentation for PH with indicative prices. :)

Just realised that Puteri Habour was just beside Kota Iskandar. To think that I had been to KI so many times (about 8-10 times) and it never dawn upon me that PH was just deeper in. Well, as long as I got to view the development.

The sales person really knew his product very well. He was patient as he shared with me the features of the PH development. I noticed that UEM is really a good master township developer. They really give much thought to setting up the infrastructure for the whole development. I was told that the PH and KI developments had central cooling facilities. There is no need for individual split aircon systems at all. I was informed that standalone aircon units needed to be serviced/replaced every five years, the central airconditioning should last about 20/25 years at least. BUT, I wonder what happens if the facility experiences downtime? Hmmmm... swimming @ the marina?

Alright, the news is that the Imperia will be launched mid next month. Buyers must be prepared to pay the first 10% if they want to confirm their unit. Only the 3BR units are facing the marina. Take note. 

For those who felt they have missed, or would like to give Imperia a miss, you will be glad to know that the condo just beside it is waiting for Impreria's pricing before they launch. UEM's next development (after Imperia) would be the 3 rods (bottom left, just off-centre of the last photo). Truly unblocked views of the marina. I think I'll wait for this. :)

Sales person @ PH:
Syed Alham  (+6013-632 3646)

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